My name is Morgan Jane Miller. I am a portrait and fine art photographer.

I have a purpose in this life and that is to bring about beauty, simplicity, order, grace, and whimsy. I do this through my portrait photography.

Finding the beauty and soul in a person and reflecting it back to them is the best thing in the world! If you could see what I see! I am simply and completely in love with my calling.

I have been a fine art photographer for many years, but portrait photography is something that was more of a sideline for me until a few years ago when I discovered how great it was to change people's minds about how they look.

Life has a tendency to wear us down and we forget to include ourselves in the equation. Women in particular lose themselves in the very important task of raising their families -- they find themselves last in line.

Having your portrait taken -- taking the time to go through this process of self care -- is very important.  It is a gift, a legacy that you and your family can treasure for a lifetime.

I am so proud to be able to do that for my clients.