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Microsoft Vendor Since 2002

Interop Systems has completed hundreds of projects for Microsoft over the past 16 years.  Our specialty is distilling complex information into engaging content for presentations and messages for executive-level audiences. Subject matter has evolved over the years from cross-platform interoperability (hence the name!) to an emphasis on cloud computing—especially relating to security, privacy, data protection, compliance, and, most recently, artificial intelligence.

In addition to our direct engagement, we frequently act as the vendor-of-record for Microsoft projects. How this works is a Microsoft manager has an external subject matter expert in mind that is the right fit for a short term project. If that expert is not a Microsoft vendor, it makes it more difficult to engage the right person. Interop Systems acts as the vendor for that engagement and prepares the statement of work, submits the purchase order, identifies milestones for deliverables, and processes the schedule of payments—whether it be to a company or individual.

We've seen the opposite work as well, where we source the outside expert through our network of consultants and content developers.

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PRESIDENT and principal consultant

Bill Miller

Bill formed Interop Systems in 2000, initially specializing in the interoperability of Windows with non-Windows systems—mainframe, UNIX, Linux and Mac. This was following the Microsoft acquisition of Softway Systems where he served as Director, Business Development. Bill operated, on behalf of Microsoft, a 16,000 member forum with a repository of 400 open source tools for Windows, and an ISV program for the former Softway technology, Interix (aka Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications).

As Microsoft transitioned to cloud computing, so did Interop Systems, broadening our specialty to include cloud security, privacy, compliance, artificial intelligence, and digital transformation.


Bill is active in the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) and has attained dual certification (CIPP-US and CIPT).



principal consultant

Douglas Miller

Doug has been a consultant in the areas of cloud computing, identity management, interoperability and competitive strategy.  Doug was formerly the CEO and co-founder of Softway Systems, the creators of the Interix UNIX subsystem and migration solution for Windows. The company was acquired by Microsoft in 1999 and Doug moved to Microsoft where he held various positions until 2004 including heading up competitive strategy for the Windows Server business and leading the enterprise migration solution group.

Prior to this, Doug lived in England where he was Managing Director of European Operations for INTERACTIVE Systems (a Kodak Company) and SunSoft, the software division of Sun Microsystems.

Doug is also the founder and president of Milltech Marine, a highly successful e-commerce business focused on Automatic Identification System (AIS) solutions.



principal consultant

Jeffrey Gould

Jeff's specialty is conducting proprietary research for technology companies and investors on enterprise software, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and the impact of global privacy regulations. His current client work is focused on machine learning in the enterprise, its regulatory impact and potential for business model transformation. His current personal professional interest is in deep learning for natural language processing, particularly advanced document classification.

His most important client in recent years has been Microsoft, but he has also consulted for a number of other tech firms including IBM and Oracle, as well as for many institutional investors. He was the lead outside contributor to the 2018 Microsoft book Digital Transformation in the Cloud.

Jeff Gould is also CEO of Peerstone Research, based in San Francisco. Prior to Peerstone, he was Editorial Director Europe for tech publisher CMP Media, based in Paris, where he was responsible for the European editions of InformationWeek and Computer Reseller News.