You are the experts at what you do

Yes, we love to roll up our sleeves and learn what we can about your subject matter—we get excited about technology and innovation! Yet we recognize that you are the subject matter experts. Our role is to co-create alongside you by being experts at distilling and packaging complex ideas into engaging content for internal and external audiences.

Times are changing though. We used to measure our worth by how well a piece of content was written—a good logical flow building to the right conclusion. Recently we have become obsessed with knowing whether readers are finding the content useful and inspiring them to take action. What’s the purpose of the piece? How will the client know if readers are truly engaged? What if readers mostly scan the content? (There are statistics that say 80% of readers just skim through business reports and the like, extracting what they can from a quick read.) Is it possible to design content such that the intended learning or intended action can still be accomplished by well-positioned quotes, sidebars, highlighted boxes, summaries, videos, polls, infographics, and imagery? That’s the challenge in today’s over-stimulated digital world.

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